Previously on our sexual wellness article series, we discussed various nuances of intimate hygiene that are generally overlooked or have limited awareness. Continuing along those lines, we have one more aspect of sexual hygiene that requires as much attention as any other: vaginal health.

The female body is, ironically, one of the most and least popular topics of conversation. While there is enough discussion on the most talked about, there is hardly any about the least: the female reproductive organ. Although it does play an instrumental role in a woman’s fertility and sex life, a vagina is more than that. The size of the vagina in comparison to other parts of the body is considerably small. However, the contributions of the organ to female wellness are pretty big, highly significant, and greatly underestimated.

Our vagina often faces neglect from proper care, leading to undesirable skin problems. Most of this disregard arises from a lack of intimate hygiene awareness and either silencing or shaming women into keeping mum about their vaginal woes.

Turning a blind eye in such a way is especially unfortunate for women in their menopause phase since they are most likely to face vaginal concerns.

Through this article, we talk about various detriments to vaginal health, what causes them, and solutions for the same, hoping people understand that a healthy vagina is essential for female wellness.

As mentioned above, middle-aged women are most prone to vaginal problems, and the prevalent ones are vaginal dryness and pH imbalance.

Vaginal Dryness:

Vaginal walls have a thin coating of moisture that provides lubrication to reduce friction during sexual activities. As a woman ages and undergoes hormonal changes, the already thin vaginal walls thin even further, decreasing the level of moisture produced and consequently leads to vaginal dryness.

Although a drop in estrogen levels is the most common cause of vaginal dryness, it is not the only one. Other conditions that thin vaginal walls and provoke discomfort in the pelvic and vaginal regions include:

Excessive Stress/Depression
Childbirth & Breastfeeding
Rigorous Workouts

Another concern that vaginal dryness instigates is pH imbalance, which triggers more uncomfortable hygiene issues.

pH Imbalance:

While the vagina influences the overall health of the female body, a balanced pH is necessary to care for the reproductive organ.

Chemistry has taught us that pH measures the level of acidity or basicity. In essence, vaginal pH measures how acidic or basic your vaginal fluid is, and the more acidic, the better. That means a healthy vaginal pH is below seven, and specifically between 3.8 and 4.5. Any deviation from this range is when your intimate hygiene goes for a toss.

If you notice any unpleasant odor or itchiness coming from your vaginal region, it is safe to assume that your pH level is off the expected range. In some worst-case scenarios, the imbalance could stir a bad case of yeast infections.

Now that we have elaborated on the problems, you might be wondering: what is the solution then?
Simply put, one needs to understand that the solution begins by accepting that aging and hormonal changes are unavoidable. However, you can use over-the-counter sexual wellness products that reduce the effects of age and ease vulvar discomfort.

But wait. There are indeed plenty of options to choose from, so why not go for one with added benefits?

Yes, we are talking about using an all-natural, Ayurvedic product that will not only soothe all your discomforts and provide gentle vaginal care but also avoids chemicals from harming your intimate areas. Which product is this, you ask?

Soothe Vaginal Care Gel by earthvedic. Formulated using herbal ingredients to address female personal hygiene concerns, the moisturizing Vaginal Care Gel helps rejuvenate your vulvar and vaginal regions. The gel reacts gently on the sensitive body part and alleviates discomfort by rendering a soothing effect.

So, ladies… Give your vaginas that shield of protection with earthvedic’s premium-quality anti-inflammatory blend and forget all your intimate hygiene worries!

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